Finding the Bay Area’s best indie/alt rock bands and showing off how much talent can come out of such a small area!



Battle of the Bay combines the classic concepts of Battle of the Bands, and extends the idea to all major music scenes in the Bay area. Some of these cities include San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley & Santa Cruz. IMPORTANT NOTE: This contest is geared towards indie-rock bands, alternative rock bands, ‘general’ rock bands, and psychedelic/experimental rock bands.

The Finale will be thrown in a beautiful venue with a hard-hitting, headlining act!

Did I mention the winner gets $1,000?

Voting Process –

All rounds will consist of similar voting mechanism. We will hand out small pages of paper (¼ of a Standard page for preliminary rounds) where each audience member can vote for their favorite artist. We will then tally those votes to find who will make it to the finale. 

The voting process for the finale will be similar, but will consist of an entire program, giving the biography of each of the artists, social media links, recent releases and just about all the information an artist may want shared. The last page will be the voting page. 

Preliminary Rounds –

We have done extensive research and have reached out to as many local indie-rock giants in the Monterey, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Oakland areas as we could find. Having had responses from over 15 different bands with decent-large local draws, it was clear that preliminary shows would have to be held in order to weed out the competition, and ensure a kick-ass finale line up.

Preliminary Rounds will all be held at smaller local venues that have already given us the okay. These preliminary rounds will allow bands 10-20 minutes, depending on how many bands are playing for that particular city.



Write in the subject line whether you are a band looking to compete, a sponsor, a volunteer, etc. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

*Bands should include their hometown, a brief bio, and a link or links to their music.*